Marbella Wedding DJ

Ambient Lighting for Weddings

Make every space more impressive with wireless ambient lighting for weddings, like our uplights supplying bursts of light. These can be programmed to the colour of your choice to suit your Marbella wedding venue.

This creates an elegant and vibrant atmosphere and highlights the best feature of your Marbella wedding venue, bringing it to life when the sun goes down.

Just some of the benefits of wireless lights are that they can be placed in all those difficult areas where power is not in close proximity, it also eliminates the need for unsightly cables and taped down wires causing dangerous trip hazards.

LED lights do not omit any heat and as these are usually placed on the floor they are perfectly safe if touched.

Packages consists of multiples of 4 wireless LED uplights.

No plugs are needed and these wireless lights can last up to 12 hours on battery power alone

When it comes to lighting the dance floor, movement is key for keeping your guests happy and enthusiastic throughout the party. Whilst all packages come with a standard Stairville T bar lighting rig, with the packages below you can wow your guests by creating a true nightclub atmosphere on the dance floor.

Make your party different from the rest and upgrade to the Totem package consisting of two state of the art “moving head” lights mounted on 2 meter tall illuminated totems. These paired with professional LED “colour cannon floods” change the colour of the dance area to the beat of the music and really lift the energy of every dance floor.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous I offer a truss goal post system with four moving heads and two scanner lights to illuminate your dance floor with colourful changing patterns. These lights are programmable and can be customised to create a number of complex and energetic patterns in keeping with the theme of your event.


There are a number of extras I offer that work particularly well for weddings. including glow sticks that light up with different colours and do some cool lighting effects like flashing, slow fade, strobe. They are extremely light and safe for any event and you can guarantee that they will bring your wedding day party to life. Glow sticks are completely safe and your guests can take them home to remember your big day.

Co2 and Confetti cannons make a great photo opportunity for your first dance. Surprise your guests with something different to get the party started, these cannons are a great way to personalise your wedding day and make an amazing dinner entrance.