Marbella Wedding DJ

Wedding Videographers

Evergreen Malaga

Evergreen Malaga are a boutique wedding videography company. By contracting their video services, you will not only get a beautiful memory of your wedding day, but also a unique experience to take home with you.

Their experienced videographers love the “Art of Cinematography” and each video they produce is unique and breathtaking.

The personality of the bride & groom and the shared story will be reflected in the video as well as every detail that makes their wedding so special.

Gary Tapp Videography

Gary Tapp is a wedding videographer in Marbella. His company aims to make an invaluable cinematric film of your wedding day that you will enjoy looking at for generations to come!

The style Gary and his team have developed is unique. It wakes their company stand our from the crowd. Their style is totally unobtrusive meaning they will not dictate, prompt or manipulare anything throughout your wedding day, leaving you with a natural and spectacular result.

They offer packages including areal drone video of your wedding & ceremony and they are known for their creativity and originality in creating memorable wedding videos.